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Download Screensavers

 Free Trial: You can download and try all of our screensavers for free. The trial versions can be by 3 variants:

  • Screensaver shows only 15 images and unlimited time of use
  • Screensaver fully functional, but only works for 14 days from moment of installation
  • Combined variant

After that period, if you have enjoyed using the screensaver and wish to keep it, you can purchase it online or by other ways. Click on “PURCHASE” to the top right to learn more.

Download Instructions: Click on the button next to the title to start the process of downloading the selected screensaver.

Animals Screensavers

Big Cats ScreensaverDownload NowVer. 5.0     9.1MB

Download NowVer. 5.0     8MB


Nature Screensavers

Autumn Time ScreensaverDownload Autumn Time ScreensaverVer. 5.0     30.7MB

Download Autumn Time ScreensaverVer. 5.0     29.1MB

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