The Best Screensavers


The Best Slideshow Screensavers

To never leave your computer screen idle at black sad view…
Decorate your screen by using attractive and colorful Altix Soft Screensavers!

We develop a variety of Windows Screen savers and offer them at a very good price to make it affordable for all computer users.

Altix Soft Studio creates high-quality screensavers for all versions of Windows:  2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8. We have released several screensaver series including Nature Pics, Lovely Animals, Favorite Pets, Beautiful Places Of The World, Beautiful Landscapes, SuperCars, Jokes and Humour, Great Holidays and Christmas Time, Cosmic Images, Military Images, Air Force, Travel Pictures. And many interesting themes base in the development. We regularly add new screensavers and update our existing screensavers.

Last updated product that added: Big Cats Screensaver ver.5.0.

To learn about our Windows screensavers, click on SOFTWARE to the left or to the right top. To download the trial version of any of our titles, click on DOWNLOAD to the top right.

Enjoy by our lovely screensavers!

The best slideshow screensavers!